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مكتب أبو غزاله للترجمة ترجمة معتمدة عمان الاردن
Barcelona Restaurant Fast Food

Shawerma – Sandwiches – Beef burger – cocktail

One of the most famous restaurants in the area in the quality of food, cleanliness, and the good service

We have another branch in Marj Al-Hamam 5735350

Click on menu icon to see our menu
City: Amman Area: Bayader
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Mumen Restaurant

Fast food - traditional food - Arabic food - taking orders for all occasions.
City: Amman Area: Shmeysani
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Flafil Issa
the most delicious flafil sandwiches with Homos,, also there are Fateh with pine,, Foul
City: Amman Area: Jabal Al Hussein
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Nedal Alkalha Restaurants
The most delicious taste
sandwichs and popularity food
City: Amman Area: Seventh Circle
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As a special snack restaurant in Jordan, Bee Snack Restaurant was found in 2003 providing a wide collection of healthy snack meals. They sterilize the vegetables, pots, hands, refrigerators and every thing used in preparing food tom sure of their food cleanliness.

In Bee Snack they prepare a big collection of snack and meals more than 83 meal in different taste to label themselves as the restaurant which provides the biggest number of sandwiches among all sank restaurants, and as a first restaurant provides healthy snack meal grilled chicken filled with rice and vegetables.

Question: Is there any thing dirty inside the bee?
Answer: No, that’s why Bee Snack Restaurant’s food as clean as Bee’s honey

Healthy snack – health fast food – beverages – pickles – delivery available from 9:00am to 12:30am
City: Amman Area: Tilaa al ali
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Arabic restaurant "Al Jamal" has started its functioning since 1980. The restaurant is notable for its exclusive cuisine as well as a variety of eastern food. Arab cooks working at us will amaze you with their professional skill, while our cuisine will simply astonish not only dilettantes of Arabian delicacies......

Al Jammal restaurant offers many different plates like Massaf with meat or chicken, Ozzy with meat or chicken, Freekeh with meat or chicken, Kabseh with meat or chicken, Mandy with meat or chicken, Biryani with meat or chicken, Qadra with meat or chicken, Maqlubah with meat or chicken, Mlokheh, Msakhan, Maeleq, and Jameed.

And it offers also the grilled meat and chicken witich is called Mashawi like Mashawi meat pieces, meat Kebab, shish taouk, grilled chicken accopanied with a great collection of appetizers like Hummos, Mtabal, Salad, pickels.rnrnYou can see prices and make orders on our websiternrnAmman Tabarbour

Kitchen phone numbers: 5058770 – 0795580048 – 0775580048
Restaurant phone numbers: 5050140 – 0795196962
City: Amman Area: Tanarbour
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City: Ajloun Area: Ajloun
(Clicks: 10; Comments: 0; Listing added: Jan 18, 2009) Listing Details
City: Ajloun Area: Ajloun
(Clicks: 10; Comments: 0; Listing added: Jan 18, 2009) Listing Details
City: Ajloun Area: Ajloun
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City: Ajloun Area: Ajloun
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