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If your business information (registered business in Jordan only) is not exist in Jordan book search engines and you would like to add it or it is exist but you want to edit it please do the following:
Writing your business information:
1- Business’ name in English (and Arabic).
2- Business’ classification.
3- Business’ services in one line.
4- Business’ address 4 parts (city - area - street - building number).
5- One phone number and we prefer the fixed line if available.
TOU for free listings:
1- Do not send logo, photos, or videos.
2- Do not send more one line about your services.
3- Do not use superlative or comparative words in your description ex. first, best, fastest.
4- You can add your business’ email address but websites are not bublished in Jordan market for free listings, it could be published in Jordan Directory if its up to our standerds.
5- We might need more than one month to update your information.
Please send your business’ information to:
For Jordan Book members:
Please call our representative to update the information within 24 business hours.
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