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مكتب أبو غزاله للترجمة ترجمة معتمدة عمان الاردن
Jordan Jobs Recruitment Company is one of the important sources for providing employees in Jordan that is why many big and small companies count on it as a reliable recruitment solution. It is specialized in recruiting qualified Jordanian job seekers to many companies inside and outside Jordan. Jordan Jobs Recruitment Company is a part of Jordan Book Network which offers a comprehension solution for businesses including Searching, Data Resourcing, Web Design, SEO, Advertizing, Marketing and Recruitment. Because Jordan Book provides its members with employees for free, it became the best choice for businesses because employers can reach the job candidates free as a part of the Package so they do not have to pay hundreds and thousands to find employees.

We have also many services for foreign companies outside Jordan, starting from providing them with candidates’ C.V’s, or contacting the candidates, interviewing them, sending the results to the employers and making sure of their documents and certificates provided.

Services for Job Seekers:
You can send your CV free to reach Jordan Book and all its members free so they can reach you fast and free. Please send your CV to

Services for Businesses:
If you are Jordan Book Member you can get the required CVs now and free, if you are not please contact us at
City: Amman Area: Bayader
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Baraka Money Exchange is a reliable money exchange store in Jordan and its well known with the excellent services and high reputation among the people and has the confidence of the various sectors in Jordan, in Baraka exchange you get what pay for because the high performance. Baraka Exchange uses the latest technologies available to convert and send the money transactions in smooth and fast and accurate way.

Baraka Money Exchange Services:
External financial transfers and the holding of domestic transfers within the country, currency exchange to and from the Jordanian dinar , U.S. dollar ,euro and all major currencies in addition of the most of Arab and foreign currencies. More financial services such as money transfer via western union.
City: Amman Area: Sweifieh
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ALICO is one of the largest and famous insurance companies in Jordan and the region. It is always offer many insurance plans to satisfy the different needs of its customers. it is not only that but ALICO is a global company which has a lot of branches in Jordan and that will make it easier to customers to get the required support promptly.

ALICO Services
ALICO provides many types of services such as life insurance, accident insurance, travel insurance and health insurance and there are different planes available of these insurance types.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us or visit us
City: Amman Area: The Fourth Circle
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Alokosh Money Exchange Company has excellent financial services, big experience in transferring money from Jordan to other countries and visa versa, and exchanging Jordanian money in competitive prices from and into the most major currencies like US Dollar, Euro, UK Pound and all requested countries’ currencies like KSA, UEA, Kuwait, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and many others. You can get Alokosh’s big experience and quality services to find the right solution for all your financial matters in Jordan.

Money exchange JD into other currencies and visa versa- Money transfer from Jordan to other countries and visa versa- Western Union - Money Express - Speed Limit, ARY

Al Swaifieh Branch:
Amman, Swiafieh, Abdelraheem Alhaj Street building number 62, near Wakalat Street
0096265858799 - 0096265858744 - 00962795598214
Fax 0096265859070

Down Town Branch:
Amman, Down Town, near Al Bukharieh Market, facing Al Hussaini Mosque
0096264630899 - 0096264614305 -0096264614306
Fax 0096264614302
City: Amman Area: Sweifieh
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An enterprise specialized in the provision of technical advisory services technological and operational aim of the selection implementation and operation of industrial enterprise and service form the preparation of market studies feasibility studies economic and technical feasibility choice of technology and sources of device and equipment and management of contract and supervising the implementation of and access to run the project

Engineering planning and design – Market and feasibility studies – Planning the projects financing – Industrial project supervision – Technical and managerial training – Continuous supervision industrial project – Technical research machinery and raw material
City: Amman Area: Abdali
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Alali for Mediation and Finance, personal loans, companies loans, cars loans, house loans.
City: Amman Area: Gardens
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Mdraj Gold Investment is one of Ibn Rashid Investment Group, the group was founded in 1996 aiming to be the one solution for investment, Financial, trading, and management. The group is highly concerned in applying all international trading and investments standards in order to make sure of the quality of services and customers’ satisfaction. After all those years of success, Ibn Rashid Group now is a reliable name in the investment field in local and regional market.
We offer our customers many services that facilitate their successful investment process like: Management of the assets of others - my wallet by a specialized team of qualified traders, Studies and research for the success of the investment and make the right decisions, Management of private property by a local and regional management team, International investment and the work of all studies needed, and more

We Buy Gold 10% higher the global price - We Sell Gold 10% lower the global price - Management of other assets using Mahfazati - Technical and fundamental analysis and studies -Private Property Management - Investments Fund Managements - International Investments

Jabal Amman, 3rd Circle Le Royal Hotel - Business Center - Amman – Jordan 962 777 855017

Al Hamrah Street, Gefinor Rotana Hotel - Business Center - Beirut - Lebanon +961 71 230185
City: Amman Area: Jabal Amman
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City: Amman Area: University Street
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City: Amman Area: Shmesani
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City: Amman Area: University Street
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