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Title: Beit Al-Turath Antiques and Handicrafts
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Based on the urgent need to find a local partner to promote the national craft industry, a group of Jordanian investors establish an Beit Al Turath craft and traditional as a special contribution aimed at reviving Jordan's heritage in particular and Arab heritage in general and also to assist in the preservation of handicrafts coming to extinction.

The basic objectives, which led to the establishment of a House of heritage and traditional craft collection, acquisitions and handicrafts and traditional in all its forms and employ this heritage and submit it for taste and owners interested in the high-seekers features noble descent and originality of Jordan.

Where the company is collecting old pieces and renovation to preserve the heritage value, Also working to acquire a wide range of antiques and old wooden many types Glassware, silverware and Handicrafts, household utensils and rare containing drawings, paintings and antiques that were used in the past, Jordan and neighboring countries. And the assistance of experts are working in these areas to re-renovation of the suit tastes and interested local and international museums and the national and global levels.

The company Beit heritage craft and traditional characterized by professionalism and high-speed performance and quality of competition in the provision of many services intended for the professional trades. Company white high capability in the implementation of specialized training programmers, in addition to processing and supply concerns artisanal production requirements, in addition to specialized professional consulting services, which help to increase production capacity and improve quality and production methods.

Buying and selling traditional handcrafts - Buying and selling antiques – fixing antiques – handcrafts workshop training - handcrafts workshop supplies – handcrafts business consulting – professional handcrafts makers recruitment.
City: Amman
Area: The Eighth Circle
Street: King Abdulla Bin Alhussain Str
Building: Building No.399
Telephone: 5818425
Office Hours: 9:00am - 8:00pm :Email

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